Trapped in the Drive-Thru is a parody of "Trapped in the Closet" by R. Kelly. In Weird Al's words, he made the parody because he thought the original song was "brilliant and wonderful and ridiculous all at the same time", but as its storyline was already so convoluted, he chose to make the parody dramatic in a stupid way, about the most "banal and mundane and trivial thing" that he could think of — a couple's trip to the drive-thru. (source)

And the song parody is exactly that. It's on and on and on about the most ordinary events, only presented in a very dramatic way. But I played the song again. And again. And again. Before I knew it, I'd played it 10 times in a row. It's so - annoyingly - addictive. Now I know this song by heart; I just absolutely LOVE it!

Watch the official animated video here if you haven't already, then come back to join the fanlisting when you get addicted, too!

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